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A NOTE FROM OUR Program Co​ordinator

   It’s absolutely amazing what can

   happen, when we all work together!.

We are located in Quakertown, Bucks County , Pennsylvania.  

We Incorporated in 2014. 

Our leaders have decades of experience working with youth.


There is an incredible need in our world to strengthen the core values of our youth.

We can build strong & meaningful relationships with our youth. Over the past thirty plus years, I have seen many wandering & lost teenagers looking for a way to find themselves. Our programs are designed with a faith based undertone.

Our vision is to provide programs, that will allow young men and women to stay on the right track in a fun, team building and safe environment.  We will get out what we put into them. They are worth our time.

Together, we will see them find meaning, self worth and their individual gifts.  It's absolutely amazing to see it happen. 


Thanks for the support that makes it all possible!      

                          David K. Lynch Jr