‚ÄčNational Comics Perform

3 hours of Fun for  $30.

College Student, Teachers,  Military, EMS, Police, FF    (3 pm Show Special)       Call Linda for Tickets : 267-772-1155

       Please Note :  Let us know what show you want when you pay/checkout.     Please put in the notes:

**  All online Dinner & Comedy Combos packages will be mailed on Dec 15th, 2019 and everyday there after to the Shipping address you entered when purchased. Dinner Vouchers are valid thru March 7th, 2020.

**  All Online Comedy Ticket Only orders, will be waiting for you at the show "WILL CALL" Booth at the show doors.

**  Comedy Tickets can also be purchased by check or cash. Stop by our Office to pick up tickets on or  after Jan 15th.  at our Adventure Light Youth Office. Call David at 267-374-8506 so we can arrange your pick up time. 

                       Location, 281 d N.W.End Blvd, (Rt.309 North) in Quakertown, PA. 

**  Please Contact your selected Dining Choice Restaurant after making your online purchase.

      We have 2 shows!! Reserve your Dining time to cordinate with Show Time.  Show Doors open up at 2:30 & 6:30pm

**  All Reserved Seat Comedy tickets will be issued in the order of the date you placed the order. 

**  Groups can be seated together, simply have your group leader email us the list of your party names.

We'll contact group leader to insure a everything is perfect for your fun night!!

                       Any questions, Please call anytime.  Thank you!    See ya at the show 

Feb 2020 Dinner Vouchers
Feb 2020 Show Only "Advance Tickets"

  • Taking Chances2:24
Feb 2020 Premium Seating at Show & Dinner Voucher

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SHOW IS Feb. 22nd, 2020 We have group Tickets

Concierge  Please Call Cathy  267-374-2064 

Attention: 7pm show has a few show tickets remaining.

 3pm Show has plenty of tickets availible as of 2-18-20

All Seats Reserved!

Don't miss this event. 10,100 people have attended our past shows and laughed themselves silly.

2020    TWO SHOWS  3 & 7pm